MMSB develops waste diversion and education programs to help guide Newfoundland and Labrador toward a greener future.

Recycle Your Beverage Containers

Keep Tires Out Of Our Landfills

It’s easy to let go!
Return up to four used tires at one time to any tire retailer in the province.

Green School Routine Green School Routine

Thank you for teaching youth across the province to reduce, reuse and recycle. We can help.

learn to compost learn to compost

It’s nature’s way of recycling—returning valuable nutrients back to the earth to allow other plants to thrive. Let backyard composting grow on you.

You gotta love this place,<br>so rethink your waste. You gotta love this place,<br>so rethink your waste.

For everything you need to know about managing your waste, visit rethinkwastenl.cabt-rethink-s

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