Recycle on the Run


Some things don’t belong in the trash, like your beverage containers. If you can’t find a recycling bin when you’re out on the go, take your recycling home with you. Read on and find out what can be recycled at your Green Depot.

Preparing your recyclables

It’s important to properly prepare your containers before dropping them off at a Green Depot. With a few simple steps, you’ll help protect the health and safety of those handling the recyclables and also ensure that the process is efficient and free of delays.

  • Remove caps, straws and other garbage
  • Empty all liquid
  • Do not crush cans
  • Ensure bottles are not broken
  • Do not remove labels


What’s Out

Products exempt from the deposit-refund program include:

  • Milk (white and chocolate) and milk substitutes (soy milk, rice milk and almond milk)*
  • Infant formula
  • Refillable bottles (including domestic beer bottles)
  • Concentrated liquids (including syrup and frozen juice)
  • Medicinal/nutritional supplements
  • Containers greater than 5 litres


* Milk Beverages

A recycling deposit will be charged on the sale of all milk products and milk substitutes with the word “beverage” on the label.


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