Waste-free Lunch

Simply rethinking how you bring your lunch to school or work can have a big impact on the amount of waste you throw in the garbage.  A waste-free lunch is a lunch that has no unnecessary waste – everything leftover from a waste-free lunch can be reused, composted or recycled.


Reduce the amount of waste you create when packing your lunch by buying in bulk. Items such as crackers, cheese, yogurt, cookies and other snacks can be divided into reusable containers. To reduce waste even further, pack leftovers!


When packing a waste-free lunch, use items such as reusable storage containers, drink containers, forks, spoons or lunch bags.


Pack fresh fruit and veggies in your lunch. Veggie snacks can be stored in a reusable container and fruit comes in its own natural packaging! Any fruit and veggie leftovers can be composted.


While it’s better for the environment to use reusable juice and water containers, be sure to recycle any disposable beverage containers that you do use.



Have a look at how the garbage from a traditional lunch compares to the garbage from a waste-free lunch.

Traditional Lunch:

Brown paper bag
Juice box
Sandwich in a baggie
Individual yogurt
Package of cookies
Plastic spoon

Waste-Free Lunch:

Reusable lunch bag
Juice in a reusable container
Sandwich in a reusable container
Yogurt in a small reusable container
Apple (core composted)
Cookies in a small reusable container
Regular spoon