Since 1996, MMSB has worked with various stakeholders throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to develop and implement recycling and waste diversion programs to ensure a clean and healthy environment throughout the province.

Resources for municipalities:

icon-binBackyard Compost Bin Program Each year, through the Compost Bin Distribution Program launched in 2011, MMSB partners with municipalities from across the province to offer compost bins to residents at a reduced cost. Participating communities host free Learn to Compost information sessions to help residents learn to properly maintain their bins.  The program encourages communities to provide residents with the knowledge and tools needed to start composting.

icon-surveillance Illegal Dumping Surveillance Assistance Program Through the Indiscriminate Dumping Surveillance Assistance Program, MMSB is offering financial resources and technical training to communities or groups of communities seeking assistance in the utilization of surveillance cameras and supporting activities for the purpose of gathering evidence to convict individuals who illegally dump waste within community boundaries.

The objective of the program is to develop the enforcement capacity of communities that currently have staff resources available to implement an Indiscriminate Dumping Surveillance Assistance Program. Once this capacity is developed, participating communities will be expected to share their expertise with other communities that do not have the available staff or technical resources to manage indiscriminate dumping through the use of surveillance camera technology.

Communities within Newfoundland and Labrador are eligible to apply for a non-repayable contribution covering up to 100 per cent of the costs associated with obtaining surveillance equipment for the purpose of securing illegal dumping convictions. Maximum funding per project application is $5,000.

Municipalities may also apply for funding through MMSB’s Community Waste Diversion Fund, which provides financial support to communities across Newfoundland and Labrador that are finding exciting new ways to help divert waste from our landfills.