Regional Waste Management Authorities

Since 1996, MMSB has worked with various stakeholders throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to develop and implement recycling and waste diversion programs to ensure a clean and healthy environment throughout the province.

Eastern Waste Management
Burin Peninsula Waste Management Corporation
Central Newfoundland Waste Management
Green Bay Waste Authority
Western Regional Waste Management
Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board
Discovery Regional Service Board
Coast of Bays Waste Management Authority


Eastern Recycle at School Pilot

Recycle at School, is a pilot program created through a strategic partnership between MMSB, Eastern Waste Management and the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to explore the potential for schools throughout the province to expand current recycling initiatives and divert additional waste streams from our landfills.

Press Release: Pilot Project Explores the Potential to Increase Recycling at School

Nine schools in the eastern region of the province are participating in the pilot program and have been equipped with the infrastructure and educational resources required to implement source-separated recycling for paper and mixed containers, in addition to beverage containers.


  • Crescent Collegiate, Blaketown
  • Woodland Elementary, Dildo
  • Stella Maris Academy, Trepassey
  • Dunne Memorial Academy, St. Mary’s
  • Mobile Central High School, Mobile
  • St. Bernard’s Elementary, Witless Bay
  • Laval High School, Placentia
  • St. Anne’s Academy, Dunville
  • Baltimore School, Ferryland


Burin Peninsula Composting Pilot

In 2012, the Burin Peninsula Waste Management Corporation (BPWMC) – in partnership with MMSB, the Town of Grand Bank and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador – launched a composting pilot to examine the feasibility of collecting and composting organic waste and paper fibre on the Burin Peninsula.

Press Release: Curbside Composting Pilot Success Leads to Project Extension

Press Release: Town of Grand Bank Curbside Composting Pilot Program Launched

In year one, over 200 participating households from the Town of Grand Bank separated organic waste and paper fibre from the rest of their garbage before putting it to the curb for collection. Combined with waste from grocery stores and fish processing centres on the Burin Peninsula, over 112 tonnes of organic waste and paper fibre were diverted from the local landfill. In 2013, the pilot expanded to include all 1,200 households. As an added bonus, the Burin Peninsula Waste Management Corporation is producing Grade A compost, the highest quality compost.

By successfully composting organics and paper fibre on the Burin Peninsula, up to 67% of household waste could be diverted from landfills– saving money for communities within the region and reducing the region’s environmental impact from landfilling waste.