Businesses across Newfoundland and Labrador have an important role to play in creating a greener future for our environment.  By creating a more sustainable office, you can help reduce waste, improve your bottom line and increase employee morale.

The average employee generates 1 tonne of loose garbage every year. That’s over 100 household garbage cans per person.

Employee productivity is found to increase by 2% when employees team up from various departments to work on and connect over common sustainability issues.

92% of college graduates want to work for environmentally responsible employers.


Download the Complete Green Your Business Toolkit

  • Environmental Policy Guide – show your organization’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Green Procurement Policy Guide – reduce your environmental impact through purchasing products and services that are environmentally sustainability.
  • Office Recycling Program Guide – help your organization set up centralized recycling stations to cut down on materials sent to the landfill.
  • Green Meetings Guide – ensure that all aspects – administration, location, food services – are taken into account in order to significantly reduce waste and environmental impact.
  • Waste-Free Lunch Guide – help your staff learn how to save lunch money, reduce waste and eat healthier too.
  • 3R Office Checklist – see how well your business is reducing waste, conserving energy and water and helping to protecting the environment.

Typical Office Building Waste Composition

Source: Federal Office Building Waste Composition, Public Works and Government Services


Success Story: East Port Properties Limited

The Scotia Centre in St. John’s is managed by East Port Properties Limited and houses over 700 employees. Sustainability has become second nature in this building:

  • Diverts 72% of their total waste from the landfill by recycling paper, beverage containers, batteries, ink cartridges and construction materials.
  • Diverted 4,823 light bulbs from the landfill by disposing through the proper channels.
  • Collected 1200 pairs of shoes to send to Haiti.

“Initiating our recycling programs not only helped reduce Scotia Centre’s effect on the landfill, but it also helped to instill a sense of pride among the staff and building occupants. Tenants enjoy getting involved in the community through the workplace and took part in the recycling initiatives with enthusiasm!”

 Kim Saunders, Property Manager, East Port Properties Limited

Their success could never have been achieved without tenant awareness and participation. Their tenants now go beyond standard building recycling to play a role in giving back to the community through the donation of non-recyclable materials which are given to local schools, developing countries and charities.