Get Matched!

Schools across the province can double their beverage container recycling refunds by participating in MMSB’s Get Matched! program.

Get Matched! runs September to June and is open to all K-12 public and private schools in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Complete the Registration and Direct Deposit Form.

This will ensure school bank account and contact information is up to date – and that schools don’t miss out on a matched payment or important updates from MMSB!


MMSB matches refunds only on accepted containers in the Beverage Container Recycling Program that have been donated to a participating school during the school year (September to June).

Beverage containers must be properly prepared:

  • Empty any liquid.
  • Remove caps, straws and all other garbage
  • Place in large bags (not grocery bags)


Beverage containers are accepted at all Green Depot locations.

Customers can donate their returns directly to any school registered with Get Matched!

  • Prior to having containers counted, customers must advise a Green Depot employee that they are making a donation to a school account.
  • By donating beverage containers to a school account, a customer authorizes the Green Depot to pay the applicable recycling refund directly to the school.
  • Account balances credited to a non-school account cannot be transferred to a school account and do not qualify for the matched refund payment.

Note: The purchase of used beverage containers for the purpose of receiving matched refunds is strictly prohibited and will result in a school’s disqualification from the program.


MMSB will match the refund payment for the school year (September to June) on a monthly basis in the form of direct deposit to each school’s bank account.

Matched payments for the 2016-17 school year will commence October 2016 with payment for containers returned to a Green Depot in September and conclude in July with payment for containers donated in June 2017.

Only used beverage containers that have been counted by a Green Depot will be included in monthly payments – any used beverage containers received by a Green Depot but not counted will be included in the next monthly payment period.

All refunds are paid directly to the school – school principals will receive a “remittance form” confirming the direct deposit payment.


The Get Matched! Program helps schools implement and expand environmental initiatives at school.

  • Purchase additional recycling bins.
  • Build a shed for storing recyclables.
  • Purchase books to create an environmental resource library.
  • Purchase or build a vermicompost bin for your classroom.
  • Purchase or build a compost bin and start composting at school.
  • Purchase trees, shrubs or plants to naturalize school grounds.



Congratulations!  In 2015-16, schools recycled almost 14 million beverage containers and raised more than $1.4 million through Get Matched!

Most Containers Recycled:

Holy Spirit High – 756,326
Mount Pearl Intermediate – 502,332
Tricentia Academy – 425,378
Corner Brook Intermediate 411,214
Crescent Collegiate – 369,226

Most Containers Recycled (per student)

St. Anne’s School – 3,258
St. Peter’s AG – 2,994
Holy Cross All Grade – 2,345
King Academy – 2,005
Mud Lake School – 1,967


TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers) TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers per student)
Lewisporte Collegiate (270,112) St. Peters AG (2994)
King Academy (218,548) King Academy (2005)
Glovertown Academy (205, 143) St. Gabriel’s AG (1463)
Lakewood Academy (140,215) St. Stephen’s AG (1455)
Leo Burke Academy (132,443) Point Leamington Academy (1413)


TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers)  TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers per student)
Holy Spirit High (756,326) St. Anne’s School (3258)
Mount Pearl Intermediate (502,332) Tricentia Academy (1772)
Tricentia Academy (425,378) Immaculate Conception Primary  (1723)
Crescent Collegiate (369,226) Heritage Collegiate (1186)
Immaculate Conception Primary  (213,609) Mount Pearl Intermediate (1001)


TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers) TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers per student)
Jens Haven Memorial (344,742) Mud Lake School (1967)
Menihek High School (165,981) Jens Haven Memorial (1449)
Northern Lights Academy (58,319) Northern Lights Academy (972)
J.C. Erhardt Memorial School (49,301) J.C. Erhardt Memorial School (795)
J.R. Smallwood Middle School (45,097) Ecole Boreal (316)


TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers) TOP RECYCLERS (Total Beverage Containers per student)
Corner Brook Intermediate (411,214) Holy Cross All Grade (2345)
Corner Brook Regional High (350,765) St. Simon and St. Jude Academy (1638)
Pasadena Academy (226,924) Bonne Bay Academy (1615)
J.J. Curling Elementary (199,537) All Saints All Grade (1594)
Stephenville High (155,287) Pasadena Academy (942)