Backyard Compost Bin Distribution Program 

Each year, MMSB partners with municipalities across the province to offer compost bins to residents at a reduced cost. Communities that participate in the Compost Bin Distribution Program are required to host free Learn to Compost information sessions to help residents learn to maintain their bins and gain the necessary knowledge to compost successfully.


Since 2005, MMSB has partnered with over 171 municipalities and distributed more than 30,000 compost bins to residents across the province.

View a complete list of participating municipalities (2011-present).

How to apply

MMSB canvasses municipalities in the spring to gauge their interest in engaging in a partnership. If there is sufficient interest, MMSB places an order for compost bins and sells them to partner communities at a subsidized rate. For more information, see 2021 – Information for Municipalities.

Submissions for 2021 are now closed.

One third of waste that residents place at the curbside is organic. Promoting backyard composting of organic waste will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create healthy soil and save landfill space—all while saving our communities money.

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