Community Waste Diversion Fund

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The Community Waste Diversion Fund provides financial support to communities across Newfoundland and Labrador that are finding exciting new ways to reduce, reuse or recycle more waste.


Call for proposals

CWDF Funding Guidelines

Who Can Apply?

Municipalities and Local Service Districts may apply for a maximum $10,000 non-repayable contribution for initiatives that foster solid waste diversion in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A community must submit a completed application form for consideration.  Applications must demonstrate:

    • Effort/Knowledge (knowledge of the project concept)
    • Impact to the waste management hierarchy (e.g., expected amount of waste diverted relative to the size of the community).
    • Community Engagement (what individuals/groups will participate, who will benefit, how will these individuals/groups be communicated with)
    • Project Sustainability/Longevity (potential to become an ongoing service or program)
    • Capability to Successfully Undertake the Project (resources committed by applicant, partnerships created to enable project success)

For more information, call 709.757.0782 or email


  • 2021-22 Recipients

    Town of Fogo Island – $5,892
    Funding will support further growth of a program to recover, reuse and recycle textiles on Fogo Island through strategic partnerships with schools and community groups.

    Town of Pilley’s Island – $10,000.00
    Funding will help divert textile waste through the introduction of a program to collect, sort, harvest, redistribute and recycle textiles into long-life items.

    Town of Georges Brook Milton – $9,376
    Funding will support the purchase of a woodchipper and two additional composters to aid in the expansion of an existing Community Composting project.

    Town of Pouch Cove – $9,800
    Funding will promote the use of reusable water bottles over single use containers through the installation of chilled bottle filling stations.

    Town of Stephenville – $10,000
    Funding will support a new curbside organic waste collection pilot using an in-vessel composter for processing organic waste.

    Town of St. Anthony’s – $10,000
    Funding will support the purchase of a woodchipper to divert wood waste and provide a mulching service to residents free of charge.

    Town of Carbonear – $3,478
    Funding will support the purchase of in-vessel composters that will provide an opportunity for residents, local food banks and nearby restaurants to divert organic waste through community composting.

    Town of Summerford – $972
    Funding will support the purchase of an in-vessel composter for a new community composting initiative which will be piloted by 20 families to divert organic waste.

    Town of Avondale – $6,583
    Funding will support the purchase of a woodchipper to help divert leaf, yard and wood waste from the landfill by mulching material for use in community gardens and greenspaces.

    Town of Lumsden – $3,612
    Funding will support the implementation of recycling infrastructure and education on local beaches and near the Town Hall where residents and visitors can properly dispose of their waste while protecting local sand dunes and the environment.

    Town of Charlottetown – $7,227
    Funding will support a curbside recycling program initiative. Residents will be provided with infrastructure and a bi-weekly collection of materials that will be diverted from the landfill.

  • 2020-21 Recipients

    St. Lawrence – $10,000
    Funding will support the purchase of a wood chipper to turn wood and yard waste collected from residents into mulch for the community garden and flower beds.

    Carbonear – $9,264
    Funding will support the purchase of a wood chipper that can be attached to a truck and moved to residential collection locations throughout the community.

    Indian Bay – $10,000
    Funding will support the purchase of a wood chipper that will support curbside collection of brush on a prescheduled basis. The mulch would be used throughout the town and municipal park.

    Kippens – $7,248
    Funding will support the purchase of three compost tumblers for the community garden, as well as 30 compost catchers for residents to use at home.

    Georges Brook – $4,960
    Funding will support the purchase four Joracan New Era 401 Composters to be installed at the new community garden. The community composting project will support 18 households.

    Gambo – $10,000
    Funding will support the purchase of a new mulching head with 30″ cut to attach to a Kubota which will allow brush and other wood waste from the trail maintenance program to create mulch for trails and community gardens.

    Portugal Cove St Philips – $ 8,297
    Funding will support the purchase of four composting tumblers to place around the community for residential use.

    Fogo Island – $6,879
    Funding will support a program to remove, reuse and recover textiles on Fogo Island.

  • 2019-20 Recipients

    City of St John’s – $11,800
    Continued Furniture inventory at RHB and pilot with Habitat for Humanity to separate/reuse more streams

    Town of Port au Port West –Aguathuna –Felix Cove – $10,000
    Community Composting Program -Establishing a community-based waste management system which involves curbside collection of household food waste for composting

    Town of Woody Point – $10,000
    Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bottles -the town proposes to procure and install outdoor bottle filling stations to be placed in locations that everyone has access to.

    City of Corner Brook – $10,000
    Community Composting Program–the cityplans to develop three community gardens sites that will house two to three composting units.

    Town of Channel-Port aux Basque – $2,975
    Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bottles –the town proposes to install a water refilling station at the Bruce II Sports centre as well as actively encourage users of the centre to bring in reusable bottles.

    Town of Gander – $15,000
    Community Composting Program-The town proposes to buy a mobile power screener that will enable further processing of compost and other aggregates.

    Town of Makkovik – $1,829
    Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bottles -the town proposes to procure and install water dispensers at eight locations in the town

    Town of Mount Carmel‐Mitchell’s Brook‐St. Catherine’s – $8,180
    Reducing Single-Use Plates -The Town proposes to purchase multi-use dinnerware and flatware and enhance the process by also purchasing an energy efficient commercial dishwasher of which use would enable a sustainable use of reusable dinnerware and flatware.

    Town of Marystown – $10,000
    Residential wood waste chipping and mulching program –the town plans to procure a woodchipper and offer a curbside chipping service of cleared woody vegetation

    Town of Norris Point – $4,657
    Creation of waste/recycling bins -the town proposes to create a dual bin shaped in traditional salt box style homes and/or light houses for waste and recycling to be placed throughout the town

    Town of Carbonear – $7,632
    Expansion of recycling program–the town proposes to install two-bin recycling and garbage containers at key locations around the town and to have portable wheelie bins for special events.


  • 2018-19 Recipients

    City of Corner Brook – $20,000
    Glass Crushing/Recycling –following a successful pilot in Phase I, the City plans to implement a full-scale community wide glass recycling system

    City of Mount Pearl – $10,000
    Residential wood waste chipping and mulching program –the City plans to procure a woodchipper and offer a curbside collection service of cleared woody vegetation on a prescheduled basis

    Town of Deer Lake – $10,000
    Curbside Organics Collection & Composting -the town proposes to implement a three-stream curbside collection service to include organics

    Town of Baie Verte – $8,220
    Community Composting Program–townplans to provide a drop-off site for leaf and yard waste and kitchen scraps such as fruit and vegetable peels and coffee grounds.

    Town of Placentia – $10,000
    Residential Leaf and Yard Waste Mulching –the town proposes to purchase a woodchipper to reduce waste going to landfill from road clearing operations and residential yard work and to reduce burning and indiscriminate dumping

    Towns Of Woody Point/GBS & Trout River – $6,560
    Reducing Single Use Plastic Bags -The three towns will be passing new bylaws to ban single-use plastic bags and are looking to purchase 1,500 reusable bags to distribute to its residents

  • 2017-18 Recipients

    Town of Brigus – $8,500
    Outdoor Recycling Infrastructure and Education -Implementation of curbside recycling stations combined with public education

    Town of Cartwright $5,000
    Plasticbag ban and substitution with reusable and recyclable cloth bags

    City of Corner Brook – $12,000
    Glass Crushing/Recycling -pilot project touse a small glass crusher and milling equipment to pulverize non-beverage glass containers obtained from the public from a single collection point

    Town of Gander – $6,400
    Residential wood waste chipping –townplans to use the material as mulch for its landscaping rather than purchase the mulch as done in the past

    Town of Hermitage-Sandyville – $9,000
    Aquaculture Feed Bag Study -proposes to initiate the process of diverting salmon feed bags from the landfill to a plastics recycling stream.

    Town of Main Brook – $2,300
    Backyard Composting –launch of a backyard composting education program

    Town of Port au Choix – $4,800
    Plastic Bag Reduction –projectinvolves removing/reducing use of single-use plastic bags and replacing with reusable cloth bags

    City of St John’s – $10,000
    Furniture inventory at RHB and pilot with Home Again Furniture Bank -project aims to record and catalogue furniture waste streams received at the ResidentialDrop Off, determine the amount and approximate weight of furniture waste streams received at the RDO and assess condition of furniture pieces and divert items that can be immediately reused.

    Town of Woody Point – $12,000
    Construction of a composting site for organic waste from local restaurants

  • 2016-17 Recipients

    Carbonear – $10,000
    Implementation of a community composting program, providing a drop-off site for leaf and yard waste

    Channel –Port -aux -Basques – $4,186
    Plastic Bag Reduction through public education with a view to phasing out use of single-useplastic bags

    City of Corner Brook – $9,100
    Curbside Give Away -continuation and extension of thecity’s “Give Away” waste reduction program. Residents are asked to place their unwanted household materials at the curb in the fall for others who may want them

    Town of Happy Valley–Goose Bay – $6,899.63
    Community Compost -pilot project for voluntary drop-off of organic materials using Joracompost tumblers

    Town of Kippens – $10,000
    Wood waste mulching -management of wood waste which included chipping wood materials into mulch that can be used throughout the community (done in partnership with the Town of Stephenville)

    City of St John’s – $10,000
    Mandatory Recycling Pilot –implementation of a pilot program with a portion of the City to test a mandatory curbside recycling and clear bag garbage program to qualify issues that arise with residents, aimed at informing a strategy on city-wide mandatory recycling.

    City of St John’s – $10,000
    Leaf Collection by Appointment -goal of this project was to develop a more economical, efficient and improved environmental approach to the collection of leaves by creating an online registration by appointment system

  • 2015-16 Recipients

    Burgeo-Ramea-Francois-Grey River – $2,000
    White Metals Separation/Recycling –project explored how to get whitemetals out of the remote communities on a regular sustainable basis

    Cox ‘s Cove – $10,000
    Curbside Organics Collection and Composting with Private Enterprise (NuMinkInc)-Thetown’s organic waste will added to the industrial waste already being composted by the company

    Happy Valley-Goose Bay – $10,000
    Mulching Leaf and Yard Waste -obtain a wood chipper to mulch yard waste and clearing/grubbing waste.

    Makkovik – $4,000
    PlasticBag Ban which involved distribution of reusable bags to residents as well as public education

    City of Mount Pearl – $10,000
    Textile Collection and Recycling–the project collected textiles at the curbside from residents on demand, and also placed collection bins in the town for drop-off.

    City of Mount Pearl – $10,000
    Enforcement of Mandatory Recycling -program where random household waste audits coupled with extensive public information and award program is implemented in an attempt to maximize diversion.

    Port Blandford – $1,000
    Community Composting -small compost containers were built and placed at strategic locations within the community garden. There was also some public education

    Postville – $1,000
    Plastic Bag Ban -project involved distribution of reusable bags to residents