Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund

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MMSB’s Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund (SWMIF) provides financial support to innovators who are advancing sustainable waste management by finding creative ways to turn trash into treasure in Newfoundland and Labrador.


2021-22 Call for proposals (submissions now closed)

SWMIF Terms of Reference

Since the launch of the Solid Waste Management Innovation Fund in 2008, MMSB has funded over 56 projects, dispersing more than $500,000 from the Waste Management Trust Fund.

Who Can Apply?

Provincially owned and/or operated businesses, industry associations and non-profit organizations can apply for a maximum $15,000 non-repayable contribution for the development of new or improved technologies, products, services or processes that support the management of solid waste in Newfoundland and Labrador. Projects can operate at any stage of the waste management hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle or recover).

Applications must be submitted in the format outlined to be eligible for consideration.

For more information, call 709.757.0782 or email

Highlighted Funding Partners

Home Again Furniture Bank, St. John’s

Home Again Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization that provides gently-used furniture and household items to individuals or families in need. Through this program, Home Again empowers people to rebuild their lives while fostering a sense of community pride. This eco-friendly charity is also having a positive environmental impact by diverting furniture waste from landfill.

Island Compost, Conception Bay South

In 2015, Island Compost began offering organic waste collection services for residents in St. John’s and the surrounding area. Since then, it has expanded operations to collect organic waste from various commercial clients including restaurants and office buildings. Its long-term goal is to divert 160 tonnes of organic waste per year from landfill. MMSB provided funding to Island Compost to assist in the purchase of equipment to manage and process the organic material.

Placentia West Heritage Committee

The Placentia West Heritage Committee preserves artifacts relating to the culture and heritage of the region and transmits the intangible cultural heritage of the Placentia West region. In 2015, it began collecting unwanted textiles to be sorted by workers and volunteers. Reusable clothing is donated to the local Smallwood Crescent Centre and the remainder of the textiles are incorporated into craft projects or repurposed as cleaning rags.

The Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador and The Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites

The Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador and The Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites are closing the loop on organic waste management. The Autism Society, through its restaurant, The Pantry, is operating the first industrial composter to be located onsite at a restaurant in the province. They are also working in partnership with local organizations to increase organic waste diversion. Similarly, in the accommodations industry, The Anchor Inn Hotel and Suites is operating the first industrial composter located at a hotel in the province to compost food waste from its onsite restaurant. The hotel operator is also exploring the potential to incorporate organic waste from other businesses in the Twillingate area into its composting project.

Meet some of our partners and learn about innovative initiatives MMSB is proud to support in this presentation.

Past Recipients

With funding programs, many businesses and organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador have developed and implemented sustainable waste management programs to ensure a clean and healthy environment.


  • 2020-2021 Recipients

    Second Harvest – $15,000
    Funding will support the growth of a food rescue program in Newfoundland and Labrador. Working with a network of agency partners and food donors across the province, Second Harvest will facilitate both the rescue of surplus food that would have been sent to landfills and its redistribution to people facing food insecurity.

    Clean St. John’s, Zero Cigarette Butt Pilot Project – $15,000
    Funding will support the implementation of a pilot project to reduce cigarette butt litter in the downtown St. John’s area. With 40 receptacles being installed, cigarette butts will be collected and recycled.

    Island Propane Ltd., Refurbishing and Recycling of Used Propane Tanks – $15,000
    Funding will support a new sandblasting system to improve efficiency for the refurbishing and recycling of propane tanks.

    Social Justice Cooperative NL, Urban Community Composting – $4,117
    Funding will support the implementation of an Urban Community Composting Project to collect organics from at least 10 to 20 households in downtown St. John’s.

    Windy Heights Farm, Technology Based Improvements to On-Farm Composting – $15,000
    Funding will support the development of an aerated floor compost system, which allows the rapid breakdown of organic materials. The operation also provides an opportunity to transfer heat from the hot compost system which can be used in radiant floor systems

    Ever Green, Aluminum Densification – $15,000
    Funding will support the purchase of an aluminum densifier, which will compact and deliquefy large volumes of pre-market cans, creating small cubes of quality aluminum that can be recycled. The machine will improve efficiency, allowing higher volumes of aluminum to be processed.

    The Farm at Eastern Nuddick Ltd., Fish Waste Compost & Reuse of Packaging – $12,000
    Funding will support two trial regenerative agriculture initiatives on Fogo Island: the repurposing of commercial fish waste into organic-grade compost and the reuse of Expanded Polystyrene containers for export packaging.

  • 2019-20 Recipients

    Island Propane – $15,000
    Improving operational processes to increase the number of large propane tanks recycled.

    Avalon Mall/Crombie REIT – $15,000
    Improvement of operational processes of organic waste management system at the largest food
    court in the province.

    3F Waste Recovery – $8000
    Developing a scalable, commercially viable production process for the extraction of unrefined
    and lightly refined ingredients from sheep farm by-products.

    St John’s Baby Clothes Library – $4,480
    Reduction of textile waste through redistributing gently used second-hand clothes bundles

    Association Communataire Francophone De Saint Jean – $2500
    Developing of a community composting site and creation of a zero-waste event center


  • 2018-19 Recipients

    Fytics – $14,000
    Continued development of the Proprietary Inventory Management system to track and manage
    food waste in restaurants.

    Avalon Mall/Crombie REIT – $15,000
    Installation of an In-vessel Composting Unit to manage organic waste from the food court of the
    largest shopping mall in Newfoundland & Labrador.

    Deer Lake Tourism Development Corporation – $13,540
    Supporting the town of Deer Lake with the development of an organic waste curbside collection

    R&D Diversions- -$15,000
    Development of a commercial organic waste diversion program using an in-vessel composting

    SucSeed – $4,450
    Reducing plastic wastes in manufacturing process of SucSeed’s hydroponic system.

    3F Waste Recovery – $15,000
    Creation of a new hybrid tumbling composter solution capable of processing mid-range organic
    waste volumes.

    HVGB Recyclers – $7,800
    Expanding the recycling capacity of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay through social

    Island Compost – $15,000
    Expansion of residential organics collection service within the St John’s CMA.

  • 2017-18 Recipients

    Island Propane – $15,000
    Refurbish and recycle large propane tanks.

    Hi-Point Industries – $15,000
    Pilot the use of a modular aerated bin system for composting.

    Ever Green Environmental – $15,000
    Recycle bulk plastics using a plastic granulator.

    Co-Lab Software – $12,000
    Develop software to streamline the manufacturing design process; reducing prototype

    SucSeed – $8,000
    Expand SucSeed hydroponic system to 10 new communities.

    Fytics – $10,000 
    Develop software to track inventory and food waste in restaurants.

    St. John’s Farmers’ Market – $13,000
    Establish a Zero-Waste Farmers’ Market.

    Ryan Manuel Construction – $15,000
    Grind wood waste for alternative uses

    Choices for Youth – $9,000
    Recycle unwanted textiles into automotive rags

    Boomerang Bags – $2,000
    Production and distribution of cloth shopping bags from discarded materials.

  • 2016-17 Recipients

    Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) – $13,750
    Implement an onsite composting program for food waste generated at Bitters restaurant,
    GSU office and graduate student residences.

    Newfoundland Industrial Composting – $10,820
    Explore the feasibility of collecting used drywall and creating an additive to livestock
    bedding material and soil fertilizer.

    Western Environment Centre – $8,600
    Engage up to 40 households in a centralized composting program.

    JCW Enterprises – $15,000
    Install equipment to sort spent lead and brass ammunition casings (from its indoor
    recreational shooting facility) for resale and reuse.

    Avalon Recycling Services – $1,0728
    Produce an alternative to livestock and hobby farm bedding from waste cardboard.

    Food First NL – $11,500
    Engage families and communities in reducing household food waste by developing and
    disseminating food reduction resources.


  • 2015-16 Recipients

    The Anchor Inn and Suites – $12,000
    Operate the first industrial composter located onsite at a hotel in the province while
    exploring the potential to incorporate organic waste from other businesses in the
    Twillingate area.

    The Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador – $14,637
    Operate the first industrial composter located onsite at a restaurant in the province while
    working in partnership with local organizations to increase organic waste diversion.

    Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) – $15,000
    Research and develop a marine waste stewardship program dedicated to engaging fishers
    and harbour authorities in sustainable waste management practices at sea.

    Home Again Furniture Bank – $8,672
    Operate a collection and drop-off service for furniture and household items for donation to
    community members in need of items

    Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation – $5,156
    Support the conservation of the Indian Bay ecosystem through the development of a
    community garden and composting program that engages community volunteers and
    students from the local elementary school.

    Island Compost – $12,000
    Operate the first residential collection program for organic waste materials in Eastern

    Mallard Cottage – $12,500
    Divert organic waste by formally engaging staff in the development of a new, onsite
    composting program.

    Nature Bound Designs – $2,655
    Upcycle damaged ceramic and glass tile into mosaic art pieces and home decorating
    projects, while selling packaged waste tiles to other artists.

    Placentia West Heritage Committee – $9,180
    Collect and sort textiles to be repaired, donated or recycled to produce rugs and mats,
    while hosting workshops and displays to educate the public about the importance of
    recycling textiles.

    Shell-Ex – $8,172
    Divert crab shell waste by processing the material into a product that can be added as an
    ingredient in their line of soil conditioning products.

  • 2014-15 Recipients

    Chicken Farmers of NL –  $12,092
    Explore the potential to produce a bedding material from paper and cardboard that is
    suitable for the chicken farming industry.

    Esteem Women – $5,000
    Reuse common waste items while engaging young women in hands-on creative activities.

    Ever Green Environmental – $15,000
    Reduce the environmental impact of the production and shipping of new glass bottles by
    expanding its wine relabeling and reuse program.

    From Nature’s Seeds –  $13,580
    Compost shrimp shells in partnership with the Northern Peninsula Regional Service Board.

    Lester Farms Inc. – $4,004
    Explore feasibility of using commercial bakery waste as a pig feed substitute.

    Newfound Fibre Products – $14,360
    Repurpose residential and commercial cardboard for livestock bedding for local farmers.]

    Petty Harbour Mini- Aquarium – $2,500
    Deliver a “Keep Our Sea Waste-Free” program, designed to educate visitors about the
    connection between household waste and marine debris.

    Shell-Ex – $15,000
    Process fishery and aquaculture by-products and poultry feathers into protein meals, fish
    oil and chitin-rich shell that can be sold to local, national and international markets.

  • 2012-13 Recipients

    Abydoz Environmental – $11,000
    Explore options to incorporate recycled glass into engineered wetlands and natural sewage
    treatment systems.

    ChrisDarMar Farms – $8,769
    Divert chicken farm waste from landfill using compost drum technology to create an
    environmentally-safe material that can be used as soil amendment.

    Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium – $3,500
    Deliver a Waste Watchers Program designed to educate visitors about the impact of
    garbage and litter on marine life.

    Natalie Jewellery – $5,000
    Increase capacity and production of uniquely designed jewellery made from reclaimed
    materials such as copper water pipe, car parts and motors from old appliances.

    ROLES Project $11,000
    Restore abandoned mineral exploration sites in Labrador by properly disposing of
    hazardous waste that could otherwise negatively impact vegetation, wildlife, habitat and

    Lester Farms Inc. – $15,000
    Compost commercial coffee grounds to produce and research a soil amendment that yields
    optimal nutrient values in soil and crops.

    Morrison Hershfield – $15,000
    Create a Construction Waste Diversion Plan that provides contractors and construction
    professionals with best practices for reducing, reusing and recycling construction and
    demolition waste.

    STORM Brewing – $12,200
    Implement a reuse program to collect and wash bottles for local reuse, reducing the
    environmental impact of the production and shipping of new glass bottles.

  • 2011-12 Recipients

    Blue Ocean Sea Products – $9,600
    Explore the potential to extract Chitosan from shrimp and crab shells.

    Dr. Shariq Alam – $8,000
    Explore the bio-adsorbent properties of crab and shrimp shells in the remediation of acid
    mine drainage.

  • 2010-11 Recipients

    J & C Sod Farm – $4,950
    Develop and test two new products, an organic shrimp-waste vermicompost and a worm
    tea, for use as a soil enhancer or fertilizer.

    Northern Seafoods – $8,000
    Investigate and develop a program using reusable freezer trays to replace corrugated inner
    cardboard cartons used to freeze product at fish processing facilities.

  • 2009-10 Recipients

    College of the North Atlantic- $10,000
    Explore the potential for the ash produced in the pulp and paper industry to be safely
    reused for agricultural, horticultural and forestry applications.

    Enviro-Shred – $10,000
    Develop and investigate the effectiveness of a slurry made from wastepaper as an
    alternate daily landfill cover.

    Ever Green Environmental – $10,000
    Develop an industrial-level system for recovery, de-labelling and sanitization of wine bottles
    that aims to provide 500,000 wine bottles annually for use by Newfoundland-based

    Hebert’s Recycling Inc. – $7,498
    Enviropactor testing