Solid Waste Management Innovation Funding

Instructions and Helpful Hints

  • Read the assessment criteria prior to completing an application form to ensure eligibility.
  • Be as detailed as possible regarding the purpose, workplan, and budget of your project. This will enable seamless review of your application. Please type into the space provided, as the boxes will expand as required.
  • Be consistent with the goals of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy when completing your application. More details are available on request.
  • If you are unsure of an eligible or ineligible project cost, or if you have any questions while completing this form, it is best to call the Business Development Officer for assistance at 757-0782 or toll free at 1-800-901-MMSB or email
  • By submitting an application, you agree to a basic online credit check (business credit check for incorporated entities, personal for sole proprietors or partnerships). Applicants also grant permission to MMSB to conduct any background or reference checks MMSB may require.

    ◆ Part A: Applicant Overview

    BusinessNot-for-profit organizationIndustry Association

    Project Personnel

    This person is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the project on behalf of the organization and is the primary contact for this application. They are also responsible for completing quarterly update reports and an acceptable final report (including financials) to be submitted to MMSB.

    ◆ Part B: Project Overview

    ◆ Part C: Project Description

    Project Aim/ SWMIF Guiding Principles

    Concept & Experience

    Impact to the Waste Management Hierarchy


    Local Economic Benefit

    Demonstrated Capability to Undertake the Project

    Please download the the Project Budget Templateand save to your device. Once complete, upload the budget document to Part D: Attachments and Required Documentation below. Please ensure that all costs and funding sources are balanced.

    ◆ Part D: Attachments and Required Documentation

    Please upload the following:

    • Project budget template linked above.
    • Please attach quotes for purchases over $500.00
    • For purchases over $5,000, proponents should attached at least one user reference.
    • You will need to provide confirmation letters from funding sources. Any letters of confirmation not available at the time you submit your application can be sent in later, however, no funds can be released until all confirmation letters are received. The letters must indicate the cash or fair market value of the contribution being made.
    • You can also attach letters of support in this section as well as any other supporting documentation.

    ◆ Part E: Certification