Used Beverage Container Recycling Program

The Used Beverage Container Recycling Program is a deposit-refund system, established in 1997 as part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Waste Management Regulations. When a ready-to-serve beverage is purchased in Newfoundland and Labrador, the consumer pays a deposit. When the used beverage container is brought to a Green Depot, the consumer is given a refund. A portion of the deposit paid on beverage containers covers the cost of recycling, including administration, handling, transportation and processing costs.

Last year, the Used Beverage Container Recycling program kept 180 million containers out of landfills, extending the lives of those landfills, protecting the natural landscape and conserving natural resources.

The Green Depot Network

Green Depots, a network of independently owned and operated enterprises licensed by MMSB to collect used beverage containers from consumers, generate revenue through the handling fee collected on beverage containers. Green Depots make it convenient for consumers to return their beverage containers for a refund. Visit to learn what’s accepted, how schools and community groups can benefit, and to find a Green Depot.